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Rick Carter & Bill Miller

Gourds by Carmil was created by chance in 1995.  After purchasing a few gourds at a flea market, we began experimenting with different techniques and designs, which was the beginning of our fascination with using natural materials to create useful and decorative gourds.  Before 1995, we had been involved in several artistic expressions including clothing design, but when we started working with gourds, we felt we had found the perfect medium for expressing our love of nature and the art of Western, Southwestern and Native American.



Collaboration begins on the exterior design, mandated by size and shape.  Extensive research of Native American symbols and designs have been done to achieve authenticity in our creative process. Each gourd evolves into its own final portrait. The use of natural trims, antlers, leather and raw materials are used for embellishments on each vessel and mask.

Our aim is to bring a forgotten culture in modern American homes with decorative pieces that can be appreciated for many years and passed down through generations.


CONTACT US AT: 928-713-6410